October 24, 2023

Mitigate Wildfires With 1663 Sentinel™

mitigate wildfires with 1663 Sentinel
mitigate wildfires with 1663 Sentinel
mitigate wildfires with 1663 Sentinel
mitigate wildfires with 1663 Sentinel

A World On Fire

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, in 2022 over 56,000 wildfires burned nearly seven million acres of land.

With the worsening wildfires of today, conventional prevention methods like lookout towers or manual patrols are difficult to maintain, expensive to operate, and hard to scale.

The need for modern technologies is clear, however, issues with cost, lack of connectivity in remote areas, and complex reporting requirements means many companies default to less effective conventional solutions.

Introducing 1663 Sentinel

To help mitigate devastating wildfires, 1663™, the Internet of Things (IoT) arm of Nova Labs, unveils a new cutting-edge solution: 1663 Sentinel. 

Now, wildfire mitigation managers can analyze relevant data from a single dashboard in near real-time to rapidly assess wildfire risk.

With 1663 Sentinel, users can deploy sensors to collect wildfire-related data including: wind speed, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, machinery/equipment status, and more. 

Near real-time monitoring and automated alerts inform operation and risk management teams where to deploy ground resources and invest time in further wildfire mitigation efforts. 

How does 1663 Sentinel Help Prevent Wildfires

1663 Sentinel combines complete data collection with powerful visualizations and alerts to better detect, notify, and ultimately prevent the spread of devastating wildfires. Components of 1663 Sentinel include:

  • Monitoring Of Wildfire Risk Factors

  • Wildfire Mitigation At Your Fingertips

  • Easily Conceptualize Potential Wildfire Risks

  • Timely Wildfire Alerts

  • Minimizing Unreported Wildfires

Monitoring of Wildfire Risk Factors

1663 Sentinel helps ensure prompt prevention and response through reliable and accurate data monitoring. With support for multiple sensors, Sentinel collects key data associated with wildfire risk such as temperature, humidity, wind, and CO2 levels. Sensors can also be applied to trees, equipment, and other assets, providing a more complete view of surrounding infrastructure and its impact on wildfire risk levels. 

This enables mitigation teams to identify and react quickly to sudden threats caused by anomalies such as fallen trees or equipment malfunction.

Wildfire Mitigation At Your Fingertips

The power of Sentinel is enhanced by its all-in-one dashboard prioritizing situational awareness. With this tool, critical sensors are easy to onboard, easy to query, and easy to leverage when making time-sensitive decisions. Device battery levels, network connections, intervals between data readings, and detailed catalogs of prior incident history are easily identified. 

Easily Conceptualize Wildfire Risks

When addressing wildfire threats, time matters. Intuitive visualizations to immediately identify device locations and impacted regions are critical.  Sentinel offers customizable dashboards with detailed map views leveraging enriched sensor data. These visualizations allow managers to quickly make decisions and take preventative actions. In addition, the data is easily integrated back into a business's internal systems and records for logging and reporting.

Timely Wildfire Alerts

With an advanced alert system that sends email or SMS notifications, companies, communities, and emergency responders can act swiftly, potentially averting catastrophic outcomes. Whether monitoring CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, or physical movement such as falling trees, Sentinel’s alerts are fully customizable based on organizational needs.

Minimizing Unreported Wildfires

1663 Sentinel leverages the innovative Helium IoT Network, a cost effective, encrypted, wireless technology enabling large scale connectivity. Whether paired with satellite, hardwired, or cellular backhaul, utilizing the Helium IoT Network adds miles of additional coverage to a single connectivity site.

Safeguarding Your Future.

Wildfires don’t wait, and neither should you. 

Explore the potential of 1663 Sentinel by scheduling a live demo: Contact us today.

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