October 18, 2023

Meet the 1663™ team at Micromobility America 2023

Heading to Micromobility America in the Bay Area this week? The 1663 team will be there in full force, ready to talk about current and potential solutions for your business’ IoT needs. With the recent launch of 1663 Resolve™, an upgrade to traditional IoT asset-tracking solutions, 1663 can help streamline business processes for the growing number of micromobility companies around the world.

About 1663

As the IoT arm of Nova Labs™, 1663 develops and delivers customized end-to-end solutions for companies and businesses looking to streamline their IoT data collection. Using the Helium Network, the largest LoRaWAN network in the world with extensive coverage in most US and European cities, 1663 Resolve provides an innovative, custom-built solution enabling data-rich asset tracking that doesn’t rely on traditional GPS functionality. Learn more about 1663 Resolve in the announcement blog.

Use Case Spotlight: The Retrieval of Micromobility in the Netherlands with Helium

Allsetra, an Amserfoot, Netherlands-based company that specializes in solutions for tracking and locating missing vehicles within urban canyon environments, currently utilizes LoRa and the Helium Network to track and recover lost/stolen assets in Belgium. Using their trackers to report an object’s location with Helium/LoRa, Viloc has many examples of how they are keeping micromobility businesses profitable in the EU.

Example 1 

  • Allsetra initiated a collaboration with Greenmo, a micromobility scooter business

  • Greenmo had been suffering significant business losses via theft of the batteries that power their scooters

  • To address this issue, Allsetra started a pilot program where they placed 10 of their Helium-powered recovery transmitters in scooter batteries

  • Within 4 weeks, 1 of these batteries was stolen, and using Helium + their transmitter, Allsetra was able to not only recover the battery but also locate a warehouse with more than 30 other stolen scooter batteries

Example 2

  • Stolen bicycles are a common occurrence in Europe

  • Allsetra has partnered with multiple community bicycle companies to place their Helium trackers in bikes

  • On a weekly basis, Allsetra recovery transmitters on the Helium Network locate stolen bicycles with a 97 percent success rate, including one Urban Arrow cargo bike located within 24 hours just last week

  • To do this, Allsetra receives a notification from the insurance company or directly from the customer and adjusts the tracker’s interval via Helium to a faster rate, allowing them to quickly find the stolen bicycle

The Helium Network has proven to be reliable and effective in micromobility asset-tracking use cases, such as with Allsetra, and 1663’s custom-built solutions on the network can help save micromobility companies from major property or financial losses. 

Want to Learn More?

If you’re going to Micromobility America, be sure to stop by the 1663 booth to learn more about how the team can develop custom IoT tracking solutions for your business. Reach out to sales@nova-labs.com to schedule a time to meet with the team this week, or set up a live demo of 1663 Resolve today. 

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