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How to Track Your Luggage

This guide will help you understand all the features available in the 1663 luggage tracking demo.

The 1663 Luggage Tracking Dashboard is an interactive demo displaying some of 1663’s asset tracking and data visualization capabilities.

The sensor you received and corresponding dashboard enables you to monitor the location and temperature of your precious cargo. Below is a brief guide to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Getting Started

To begin, navigate to the and enter the Sensor Tracking ID provided to you.

Once the specific Sensor Tracking ID has been entered you will be redirected to the Luggage Tracking Dashboard. This dashboard serves as the “home base” for your experience. Through this demo you will be able to monitor and visualize the data readings from your sensor.

The Dashboard

Beginning on the left side of the dashboard users will observe a window titled Sensors. Here you can monitor the total number of sensors viewable in the dashboard (for this luggage tracking demo you will likely only have 1 sensor), as well as the time since the most recent data reading.

Moving towards the right you'll see the main window titled Analytics. This section provides high level insight into the entire fleet of devices. Based on a predefined temperature range set by 1663, you can observe whether your luggage sensor falls within, above, or below that range.

Clicking on the specific sensor (in this example the user would click on “Rak_Sticker”) will direct you to the interactive map.

The Interactive Map

The widget on the far left displays current and historical temperature readings of your luggage sensor. You can adjust the timeframe by clicking and dragging on the visualization at the bottom of this widget. You may notice that specific data points are defined by either a red or green color scheme. Green symbolizes the temperature was within the predefined range set by 1663. Red indicates that the temperature was above the predefined range. 

Finally, the interactive map allows you to view the location of their luggage sensor. On the far right you'll notice three icons, each with unique functions.

  • The first icon in the top right is a date selector for sensor trajectory

  • The sensor you received at the Micromobility conference does not utilize any traditional GPS technology. Using a patent pending location-enrichment algorithm, 1663 has engineered a way to infer the location of your sensor without relying on traditional GPS solutions. The second icon adjusts the sensitivity of this location-enrichment algorithm. 

    • Loose means data points are shown despite a lower confidence level

    • Very strict means only data points with very high confidence are shown

  • The third icon allows you to turn on and off certain map visualization features. For instance, the cluster and ant path are on by default

    • The cluster will group together sensors in similar locations. The observed number corresponds to how many “points" are in the cluster. This helps determine how long the sensor has remained stagnant. For example, if the number in the cluster has a high value, this means the sensor has been stagnant for a longer period of time. Features like this are valuable to supply chain and similar companies as it helps determine how long a shipment has been stuck in one warehouse with no movement.

    • Ant path has an animation that shows the direction of your sensor in transit

    • Flashlight mode, when turned on, will put a spotlight on certain parts of the trajectory based on your timeline tool (located underneath the historical chart on the left panel). Here you can see the correlation between the sensor reading and roughly where they occurred.

    • Free zoom gives you the ability to zoom in on specific map locations

Additional Capabilities

The 1663 Luggage Tracking Dashboard is a small demonstration of what is possible with 1663. Here are some additional capabilities available in our full end-to-end solutions.

  • For this demo, your sensor only reports temperature readings, however the scope of this solution and 1663 is far greater. There is a variety of other data collection that 1663 specializes in such as humidity, acceleration, CO2, soil moisture, and much more.

  • The full offering allows you to customize these ranges based on their business needs. Real-time email or text alerts can also be set to ensure the proper teams are notified if a reading falls out of the predefined range.

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