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RAK2270 Sticker Tracker Onboarding Guide

How to set-up your RAK2270 sticker on 1663. Follow this guide to access your RAK2270’s temperature and location information.

1663™ (sixteen sixty-three) is an IoT solutions provider operated by Nova Labs™, the creator of the Helium Network™. 1663 delivers end-to-end IoT solutions for leading enterprises.

Included with your RAK2270 purchase is access to a 1663 interactive experience that delivers temperature information and general tracker location without the need for the RAK2270 to connect to GPS or Wi-Fi. 

Follow this guide to access your RAK2270’s temperature and location information.


  • Activate your RAK2270 

  • Claim your RAK2270 device links

  • View your RAK2270

  • Experience 1663 Resolve

  • Support and Troubleshooting

Activate your RAK2270

IMPORTANT: ensure Helium Network Coverage exists. Helium Network coverage is necessary to onboard and view temperature information and the location of the tracker. To view coverage, check here.

You need to physically activate your RAK2270 so it will start sending data. These RAK2270 devices are pre-programmed to send temperature and location data every 15 minutes.

To activate your RAK2270, rip the perforated tab at the bottom of the sticker.

RAK 2270 Sticker Tracker

Claim your RAK2270 Device Links

Visit the onboarding page here.

RAK2270 Sticker Set-Up

On the onboarding page enter your email address, your order number from the RAK email, and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy:

IMPORTANT: Make sure the email address is correct as the RAK2270 device link(s) will be sent to this email.

RAK Order Number

View your RAK2270

IMPORTANT: Ensure you’ve waited until at least 15 minutes after activating your RAK2270 before attempting to view its temperature and location information. 

After you have activated your RAK2270 you can access the temperature and location information on the 1663 dashboard.

To view your RAK2270 device data, check your email and click the RAK2270 device link.

1663 Experience

Welcome to the Interactive Map

Quickly locate your RAK2270 and customize your view with these easy steps:

Map Icons Overview
On the right side of the map, you'll find key icons for different capabilities:

Date Selector
Use this tool to view your device's journey over time. Simply select a date to trace its path.

Location Enrichment
Below the Date Selector, this icon fine-tunes the advanced location algorithm which provides the location information without the need for GPS/GNSS. You can set the detection sensitivity:

  • Loose: Displays more data points, even with lower confidence.

  • Very Strict: Only high-confidence data points are shown, ensuring higher accuracy.

Visualization Features
The bottom icon controls map visuals like clustering and path animations:

  • Cluster: Groups together device data points in a similar location, indicating the duration of device inactivity. A higher cluster number suggests longer inactivity.

  • Ant Path: Animates your device's movement direction to track progress.

  • Flashlight Mode: Highlights parts of the device's path when used with the timeline tool beneath the left panel's historical chart, showing where and when readings occurred.

Free Zoom
Dive into specific areas of the map for a closer look.

Experience 1663 Resolve

For advanced features, the 1663 Resolve solution offers additional capabilities including: tracker inventory management, comprehensive device readings, alerting, additional device type support, and much more.

1663 Resolve

To explore these features, contact

Support and Troubleshooting

What do I do if there’s no RAK2270 Sticker Tracker data displayed on the dashboard after I click the device link?

 Please ensure you’ve performed the following:

  • Coverage - You’ve confirmed Helium Network coverage exists in the area you want to use the RAK2270. To see Helium Network coverage, check here.

  • Activate - You’ve followed the instructions to correctly activate the device (see above).

  • Uplink Period  - You’ve waited at least 15 minutes after you’ve activated on the device to allow a successful uplink.

For any questions or help, contact:

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