February 22, 2024

1663 x RAKwireless: Scaling IoT With Stickers

1663™, the IoT division of Nova Labs has partnered with RAKwireless, a leader in the global IoT landscape, dedicated to simplifying design and accelerating time-to-market

Starting today, access to 1663’s interactive location tracking experience, connected to the world’s largest people-powered IoT network, are included with any RAK2270 Sticker Tracker purchase.

Peel, Stick, Track, and Scale

The RAK2270 Sticker Tracker is a Helium-compatible tracking device that can be easily attached to any asset. With its small peel-and-stick form factor, it is optimized for shipment tracking, cold chain monitoring, theft prevention, and more. 

Through 1663 integration, RAK2270 users can track and visualize their assets without additional built-in capabilities like GPS or Wi-Fi. Foregoing these add-ons, the RAK2270 offers long battery life at a lower cost with minimal long term maintenance.

Interactive Real-time Tracking & Location Estimations

1663 has launched an interactive experience with a patent-pending algorithm to provide location estimations of the RAK2270 on the Helium Network without GPS or Wi-Fi. As a result, the RAK2270 paired with 1663 serves as the perfect way to experience this technology yourself. 

In addition to location data collection, 1663 provides powerful visualizations of this data including specific temperature readings and general tracker location via an easy-to-use dashboard. 

1663’s interactive dashboard and visualizations allow customers to quickly access the information they need.

Improving Business with IoT Tracking

This partnership with RAKwireless not only broadens 1663’s market reach beyond large-scale deployments, but also provides an accessible entry point for businesses deploying solutions on the Helium Network for the first time.

1663-compatible RAK2270 Sticker Trackers can be purchased directly from the website.* 

To learn about 1663’s full suite of end-to-end solutions, visit 1663.io or contact us at sales@nova-labs.com today!

*After choosing your RAK2270 type, under Software or Tools choose 1663 by Nova Labs.

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