November 28, 2023

1663 Console™: Beyond Just Device Management

1663 Console
1663 Console
1663 Console
1663 Console

Despite its critical function, finding the right network server to support IoT business applications is challenging. The market is filled with hosting providers offering seemingly the same services, at similar one-size-fits-all price points, with little room for customization or additional features.

1663™, the IoT arm of Nova Labs, is excited to announce the release of 1663 Console, a new LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) that provides a solution for professional builders and enterprises who are delivering full IoT business applications.

What Makes 1663 Console Different?

Leveraging firsthand feedback from industry professionals, 1663 Console was designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.

1663 Console is a Helium-compatible LNS providing professional builders and enterprises with the reliability, affordability, and customizability required to deliver full end-to-end IoT business applications.


1663 Console is a professionally hosted LNS, built by a team with over a decade of IoT experience. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses, it combines this cumulative expertise with around-the-clock support to ensure systems stay operational.

1663 Console delivers a range of business-focused support offerings, including service level agreements and dedicated support representatives, ensuring optimal performance and quick issue resolution. This commitment to excellence establishes 1663 Console as the dependable provider for businesses seeking to maximize their use of IoT technology.


1663 Console serves as a vital onramp to the global, long-range, and affordable Helium IoT Network, eliminating costs such as gateway purchases/deployments and private network contracts.

In addition to the seamless integration with the Helium IoT Network, 1663 Console offers cost-effective and customizable data packages. These packages are tailored to meet the specific requirements of different enterprise applications, ensuring that each business has a data plan that best fits their unique needs. 

Whether it’s for small-scale operations or large, data-intensive applications, 1663 Console provides flexibility and scalability in its data offerings.


1663 Console goes beyond basic device onboarding and data management, providing users with access to the full 1663 range of offerings, including:

Leveraging this wide range of growing add-ons empowers businesses to customize and scale their IoT solutions, without the need for additional vendors. 

Building a Foundation For Success.

Build your business applications on a strong foundation that's able to scale and grow with your enterprise needs. Harness the power of IoT and 1663 Console to help achieve project success.

Contact to sign up for 1663 Console today.

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